RiskMatch for Benefits®

Create powerful client benchmark presentations in a fraction of the time

Watch this short demonstration to see RiskMatch for Benefits Benchmarking in action.

RiskMatch for Benefits reduces time spent gathering data, creating attractive customer presentations, and preparing for renewal and client presentations. This allows your team more time to have informed and comprehensive conversations with your clients, drive renewals, and grow your benefits business.

Provide valuable advice

Show clients where their benefit plans stand in relation to the industry to help them make competitive choices

Save time

Create powerful client benchmark presentations in a fraction of the time with multi-category benchmarking

Drive retention and growth

Create more compelling client presentations and close more business

  • Retention


    Data Set

    Access over 1M plans to present your clients with a complete view of how their plan fits into the market

    Compelling Presentation

    Automatically create visualizations that show your clients exactly what they need to understand

    Plan attribute filtering

    Effectively compare similar plans by filtering important attributes like high-deductible plans

  • Productivity


    Multi-category benchmarking

    Reduce the time spent creating customer-facing reports through multi-category benchmarking. Show where your plans fit buy employer size, industry, location and more

    Plan attribute filtering

    Isolate important plan attributes like high-deductible plans with simple pull-down menus in one step


Turning data into actionable insights

Modern analytic tools can turn your data into the asset you always hoped it could be. Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence can quickly make sense of data and spot patters to offer actionable insights to help make critical business decisions, win and retain more clients, and get a broader view of your everyday business activities. And with these insights, you can simplify your processes, better service your clients, and grow your business.

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