Powering insurance distribution

Insurance distribution is evolving. The key to being a carrier of choice is investing in tools and strategies that meet evolving agent expectations, unlock the power of data to drive growth, and connect and simplify the distribution channel.

The industry-leading approach to insurance distribution management

The key to getting the most from your digital strategy is choosing proven solutions that really work—and work together—to empower distribution for you, your independent agents, and your insureds.

Agent-carrier connectivity

Empowering Insurance Distribution

Simplify rating, submissions, and data exchange

Data + information management

Empowering Insurance Distribution

The intelligent analytics and workflows you need to drive business

Distribution management

Empowering Insurance Distribution

Onboard, compensate, and manage agents

Insurance distribution is evolving—and for the better. Digital solutions are meeting the 24/7 expectations of agents and their clients. Machine learning and AI tools are delivering unpredicted data insights. And carriers finally have the right tools available to simplify and automate how they compensate, onboard, and maintain the compliance of their producers.

These advances aren’t about technology just for technology’s sake. Industry research shows that digital-first insurers have lower expense ratios—up to 40% lower—compared to traditional insurers. 

That difference allows them to invest in their people, products, and customer and agent experience. And that translates to growth and increased profitability.

Agent-carrier connectivity: Transforming the agent experience

Independent agencies are looking for carriers that make it easier to connect, exchange data in real time, and serve their customers at the speed of modern business. We’re equipping carriers to meet those needs with solutions that simplify rating, submissions, and data exchange.


Unlocking the power of data: Analytics, insights & information management

Data is the backbone of the insurance industry, but for too long insights into the independent agent channel have eluded carriers. New analytics solutions—combined with intelligent information management and workflows—are unlocking the power of data to pave the way for carriers to outpace industry growth and improve their competitiveness.

Powering distribution management

Strategic distribution management can transform your business. The Sircon for Carriers portfolio of integrated products provides the flexibility that helps insurance carriers build more effective, profitable, and compliant distribution channels. Connect directly with producers, offer them better communication and convenient self-service, and become a carrier of choice.


A new approach to InsurTech

We know that one-size-fits-all solutions rarely do. That’s why we’ve invested in a flexible, open-platform approach to our product development: Titan.

We are delivering new capabilities in a modular way and partnering with the industry’s best business solutions providers to empower you to use the features and products that meet your needs.

Our Titan technology—only at Vertafore and unique in our industry—enables us to deliver innovative new solutions that integrate with the technology you already own. And we are delivering these solutions faster and better than ever. It’s not a product: it’s a best-in-class approach to creating the tools and enhancements that will help you move your business forward.