Work with your insurance partners to turn policies faster.

For MGAs and MGUs, remaining profitable means increasing submissions. But speed to market comes with an overlooked cost: E&O exposure. You need to ensure that policies are assembled correctly and accurately – every time.

Ensure that policies are assembled properly based on underwriting rules, including specific state stamps and signatures.

Reduce policy form updates to real-time, and eliminate the need for manual reporting from MGAs.

Vertafore PolicyIssuance (VPI) enables you to turn policies in hours instead of days. With VPI, data from your insurance management system is populated into carrier form sets, allowing you to drastically reduce policy issuance time while maintaining accuracy.

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Maintain form accuracy and completeness, without having to enter information twice.

Update forms instantly

Reduce carrier form updates from 60-90 day cycles to real-time in order to turn policies faster.

Issue custom libraries

Author custom form libraries for Lloyd’s of London or other carrier partners.

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