Modernizing the agency

Insurance is evolving. The key to staying ahead is investing in the right approach and tools to position your agency for success—now and in the future.

Fearless modernization

Whether it’s from agency consolidation, increased client and employee expectations for a more modern experience, or snowballing data, independent agencies are feeling the pressure to change. And then there’s the ever-increasing array of one-off technologies and tools that all promise better, faster, easier.

So how do you choose the strategies and InsurTech that really will serve the needs of your business and customers today, and keep you ahead of the competition tomorrow?

Data from our thousands of independent agency partners links investing in four core pillars of modernization to exponentially higher revenue growth and profitability. The key is integrated solutions that really work for you—and that work together.

So what is fearless modernization? It’s about satisfied clients. Empowered users. Efficient, automated processes and workflows. Intelligent, actionable analytics. And more time to do what you do best: protect, advise and service your clients. Use the menu above to explore your guide to Modernizing the Agency.


Measurable results

Agency modernization is about simplifying insurance for your clients and getting from where you are to where you need to be. While there are single-point solutions in market, no one has really taken a comprehensive, fully integrated approach that will actually simplify your business activities. Until now.

We’re building best-of-breed InsurTech products that work best together. Vertafore customers who invest across the four core areas of modernization report significantly more revenue growth compared to industry averages.  

The roadmap to modernization: unlocking profitability and time to focus on client relationships

The combination of crisis response and hardening markets means now is the time for agencies to examine their processes and technology and put in place solutions that enable maximum efficiency, superior client service, and faster, smarter decision-making. Data shows there are four critical areas of investment for independent agencies to modernize.


A new approach to InsurTech

We know that one-size-fits-all solutions rarely do. That’s why we’ve invested in a flexible, open-platform approach to our product development: Titan.

Instead of forcing our management systems to do everything, we are delivering new capabilities in a modular way and partnering with the industry’s best business solutions providers to empower you to use the features and products that meet your needs.

Our Titan technology—only at Vertafore and unique in our industry—enables us to deliver innovative new solutions that integrate with the technology you already own. And we are delivering these solutions faster and better than ever. It’s not a product: it’s a best-in-class approach to creating the tools and enhancements that will help you move your business forward.

Join [On-demand webinar] Connecting the dots: Expert tips from carrier, agency, and industry leaders

Being connected to the many channels within your business is crucial. Without the right tools in place, you may be unintentionally putting yourself behind the pack. Listen in as industry experts from across the insurance landscape discuss how to be better connected and better position yourself for success. 


"We have an idea of moving towards a modern insurance agency model where we are focused on automation while holding onto that human interaction. That’s what makes us different, is that human touch."

Linda Kennedy, CXO BlueSky Insurance Agency


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