FSC Rater

Powered by PL Rating

Vertafore is now offering FSC Rater customers a no-cost upgrade to move to a cloud-based solution.

FSC Rater is the leading comparative rater for California independent agents and has been the gold standard in the California marketplace for 30 years. The web-based platform, FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating, empowers agents to connect with their carriers in real-time and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual updates and data storage.

Upgrade to FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating today. Our team has made this a seamless transition, and the process only takes a few minutes.

Why upgrade?

Carrier connections

Access the industry’s largest carrier library and connect with all your FSC Rater carriers in real-time.

Cloud solution

FSC Rater powered by PL Rating eliminates the need for manual updates and data storage, always offering agents the most up-to-date rates. 

Simplified workflows

Save time and money with enhanced functionality available in FSC Rater powered by PL Rating.

FSC Rater Upgrade On-Demand Webinar

Learn more about the benefits of leveraging the product upgrade and how to get started.

  • Quotes In The Cloud (QITC)

    Access Your Quotes Securely

    Secure your data in the cloud and access your quotes with ease at all your office locations. Plus, save time and money on local data storage and security. The QITC activation process is fast and easy  it only takes a minute per thousand quotes.

  • Web-based

    Web-based means no more outdated quotes

    Gone are the days of time-consuming software updates and disruption to your workday. With FSC Rater powered by PL Rating, the platform is always up-to-date so you can confidently quote your customers the most accurate information without any additional manual labor.

  • Functionality

    Enhanced functionality

    FSC Rater powered by PL Rating offers you simplified and intuitive workflows, new lines of business, and extended integrations with Vertafore products and other industry providers. 


  • Add-ons

    Gain access to add-ons that extend your agency’s capabilities

    Write more business with 48-state coverage, boost your customer experience with pre-fill options from LexisNexis, and offer your customers the option to receive quotes through your website with Consumer Rate Quotes (CRQ).

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