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Analytic insights help you make critical business decisions, optimize carrier relationships, sell more insurance, and win more clients.

Take the guesswork out of your business

Data quality is a major issue for every agency. Our best practices, data-quality analytics, and investment in third-party machine learning help turn your data into the asset you always hoped it could be.

Unlocking your AMS data will help you, understand your clients and how to better serve them, automate and simplify your processes, and unlock insights about your business performance.

[Industry analysis] AI and machine learning are making insurance more predictable

Data helps the insurance company, the agency, and the customer make better predictions and choices. Many entities in the insurance distribution channel are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to help make sense of their data. Insurance companies contemplating the use of AI must do three things: define the questions they want answered, assess the need for new technology or processes, and understand how AI can help make sense of existing workflows.  


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How predictive analytics can turbocharge your agency

Announcing RiskMatch Retention Prediction

Retention Prediction identifies policies most at risk to cancel, with enough time to address the situation. We assess 21 factors in 6 categories to predict the policies that are at risk for churn and report them in stoplight fashion. See it in action.


RiskMatch for Agents & Brokers

RiskMatch is the most comprehensive data and analytics platform that provides agencies and brokerages with actionable insights to grow their business. It supplies better recommendations, identifies specific revenue opportunities, and informs executive decisions resulting in increased growth and better relationships with customers and carriers.

[Infographic] Three ways data-driven agencies are staying ahead of the pack

To be effective and drive growth for your agency, you need to combine a systematic process with insights backed by data. See these top three reasons why data-driven insights are so important to your agency.

Learn how you can establish connectivity across the entire distribution channel

It's important to evolve into a modern, equipped agency that connects to the entire distribution channel. These six stories will show you why it's important and what solutions are available to help you get there. 

A new approach to InsurTech

We are delivering new capabilities in a modular way and partnering with the industry’s best business solutions providers to empower you to use the features and products that meet your needs.

Our Titan technology—only at Vertafore and unique in our industry—enables us to deliver innovative new solutions that integrate with the technology you already own. And we are delivering these solutions faster and better than ever. It’s not a product: it’s a best-in-class approach to creating the tools and enhancements that will help you move your business forward.


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