The benefits insurance solution that manages the unique challenges of your business.

As a benefits business, you face challenges that differ from the traditional P&C market. Your management system should be built to support your benefits business and help you grow as you navigate the changing healthcare landscape, rather than trying to fit into your traditional P&C system. Watch this short video to learn more about BenefitPoint. 

BenefitPoint is a specialized management system for agencies and brokers whose benefits business is large enough that a P&C system causes lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. BenefitPoint helps agencies cope with the unique challenges of a benefits business by identifying missing and underpayments, providing flexible workflows designed for the inevitable changes in plans and enrollment, and using plan benchmarking to become a trusted advisor. BenefitPoint enables you to increase revenue and profitability while improving customer loyalty. With its focus on scaling and performance, BenefitPoint is used by 1000+ agencies including 8 of the top 10 benefits brokers.

Capture Lost Revenue

Upload carrier statements electronically and match estimated revenue with actual receivables to quickly identify lost revenue.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Present prospects with a comparison of attributes and costs from multiple plans to help them understand their options. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Stewardship Reporting gives you a complete view of your business with executive and financial reporting. 

BenefitPoint Revenue Tracking and Management Module

RTM takes advantage of plan, rate, and commission information stored in BenefitPoint to simplify the process of maintaining payees, commission split rules and monthly commission statements. Rounded out by robust reporting, this module provides brokerage firms with the ability to manage client relationships, buy and sell employee benefits, and support organization accounting methods of revenue recognition — all on a single platform.

BenefitPoint Product Demo

See how BenefitPoint can help you manage your benefits business. 


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