The foundational agency management system for your core business.

As part of Vertafore’s best-in-class platform, AMS360 is an agency management system that provides the foundation for independent agencies to grow their businesses and boost their profitability.​ It helps streamline workflows​, improve renewals and retention​, and drive new business​ resulting in improved employee ​productivity​ and superior customer ​experience​.

Help your employees focus on what matters most: the people and communities they serve. Find out how AMS360 can help your agency today.

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The right tools to run your business

We’re on a path to make service as fast and efficient as possible, no matter your agency size. Simplify the way you deliver insurance with an agency management system that automates your business processes and connects with your essential business technology. See how adopting the right agency management tools can empower your employees, improve your customer experience, and drive productivity.

Accounting Built for Insurance

Reduce time spent on finance and accounting with solutions designed to meet your needs.

Better Renewals - Better Retention

Automatic alerts help you stay on top of renewals and rate increases so you can increase your retention rate. 

Connect with Carriers

Integrate the agency-carrier workflow with TransactNOW and free up time to focus on your customers.

Single Sign-on

Access your Vertafore solutions with single sign-on, so you don't have to remember multiple logins.

Increase Staff Productivity

QuickNavs help your staff increase productivity so you can focus on selling more and providing better service.

Integrate Your Technology

A robust library of APIs allows you to seamlessly integrate applications with your agency management system.

AMS360 Product Updates

  • Consistency


    As agencies grow, adopting consistent business processes is a way to drive a quality customer experience and build a world-class agency. AMS360 capabilities that support consistency include:


    Quick Navs: Customizable workflows that guide staff through their work, keep everyone consistent, and help new staff learn your approach.

    Document Management: DOC360 document workflow helps you process, file, and find customer and policy documents.

    Activity Setup: Create standard actions for your CSRs.

    Text: Communicate with customers in their preferred way. Vertafore Messenger lets you text with customers and capture that information in your management system.

    VSSO: Credential Manager lets your staff access carrier information in a single interface, avoiding the need to visit each carrier site and see a different view each time.

    TransactNOW: Receiving eDocs and messaging through TransactNOW and the automation capability in AMS360 gets documents to go to the right person at the right time.

    Policy Templates: Using plan libraries lets producers and account owners present prospects with a comparison of attributes and costs from multiple plans in the same way.

    Form Letters: Using the Distribution Center, send bulk account review letters automatically via the customer’s preferred method.

    Proposal Builder: Generating commercial P&C proposals is time-consuming and often inconsistent. The Proposal Builder in AMS360 creates consistent, professional-looking proposals with accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Productivity


    "A management system with the right capabilities is a major time saver. Helping your staff service customers increase your capacity without adding people.   Document Management: DOC360 reduces the time it takes your staff to store and find client documents.

    Import/Export: Import large schedules for business policies and have AMS360 auto-reconcile all additions, deletions, and changes, saving time for your service staff. ​

    Quick Navs: Layout the work in a step-by-step process so nothing gets missed, which would lead to lost productivity. eDocs Automation: Gets carrier documents to the right person at the right time without manually logging into carrier websites.

    Certificate Distribution and Management: Mass distribute certificates lets account owners select the holders that need certificates and AMS360 will distribute all at once, according to each client’s preferred method.

    My Agency Home: A dashboard that lets your CSRs provide customer service by putting information at their fingertips and having a complete view of today’s work. My Agency Reports: Real-time customizable reporting provides visibility into your data and gives you the ability to drill into details so you can make data-driven decisions promptly.

    Proposal Builder: Cut the time to produce commercial P&C proposals by pulling information directly from the management system and using pre-built templates to reduce formatting time.

    Compare: Compare a policy renewal to a prior term to determine what changed on the policy with three clicks instead of manually reviewing both policies to see what’s different.

    And more… Form letter distribution, lead list import, text/customer communications, mobile-productive on the go, scheduled reports

  • Retention


    Most agencies put a high priority on client retention and yet it’s an area with room for improvement. AMS360 has many capabilities that will support your efforts to retain business.


    Alerts: Identifies changes that will affect your clients and allows you to contact them. Alerts are available for premium changes, expiring policies, unpaid bills, and more.

    Renewal Management: The renewal list tool lets your staff create customized lists using a variety of date ranges and distribute them to producers, managers, and service staff enabling timely client conversations. Submission tracking helps you keep clients up-to-date on the status of each carrier and the quotes received.

    Target Lists: Filter your database for clients or prospects by areas, line of business, age, existing coverage, and more. Engaging customers in cross-selling makes them more likely to renew with you.

    Campaigns: A series of touchpoints based on a target list that demonstrates your engagement with your clients. These touchpoints can include letters, emails, phone calls, and meetings.

    Compare:  A careful review of renewal changes lets your staff provide clients with important information and is much quicker than manually reviewing both policies.

    Proposal Builder: Delivering professional-looking commercial P&C proposals in a timely way encourages clients to stay with you.

    Document Distribution:  Schedule organized and automated letters for groups of customers based on specific scenarios like renewal exposure checklists.

    Mobile: When producers are meeting clients, having instant mobile access to their policy records demonstrates your agency’s commitment to a great customer experience.

  • Visibility


    As your agency grows, understanding what is going on beneath the surface becomes more important and more challenging. This affects your relationship with individual customers and your ability to manage your organization. AMS360 has a number of capabilities that are designed to give you improved visibility.


    My Agency Home: A dashboard that lets your staff see a complete view of the day’s work. My Agency Home is the heart of your visibility into what’s happening on a day-to-day basis.

    Dec Page View: The Declaration (Dec) Page View is one of the truly unique capabilities of AMS360. From a single screen, you see a complete view of client coverages, endorsements, and history, providing the ultimate in client visibility.

    Reporting: My Agency Reports is a capability that pulls a wide variety of data and creates simple summaries to make it easy to see an overview and make data-driven decisions. Reports offer customized viewing and filtering options to let you see the data that you really need. You can also create templates to make and save your own report types.

    Document Management: DOC360 search lets you filter documents to find what you need quickly.

    Alerts: AMS360 Alerts tell you about issues and changes that will affect your clients and let you be proactive in contacting them.

    Activity Management: Having all of your customer communications in one place enables you to have a clear view of your clients.

    Renewal Management: Understanding upcoming renewals shows your clients that you are aware of their situation and looking after them. The renewal list tool lets your staff enable timely client conversations. Submission tracking lets you keep clients up-to-date on the status of their quotes.

    Mobile: Giving your producers instant mobile access to your management system provides a higher level of visibility when they are meeting with clients. Our mobile app lets them access AMS360 from anywhere.

    Compare: Get clarity about renewal changes by comparing renewed policies with the previous version.

    Relationships: Link related customers (commercial and person or conglomerates) to get a full scope of customer relationships.

    Business Origin: Understand the source of the business and track revenue generated so you can structure producer commission based on the business origination.

    Acquisitions: Track different types of acquisitions to gather insights into the growth of your acquired books of business.

    Scheduled Reports: Classic Reports allows the agency to automate the delivery of important reports to managers and staff as needed.

  • Growth


    AMS360 provides strong support for your growth initiatives. Reducing the time and effort associated with these initiatives means they are more likely to be successful.


    Target Lists: Quickly identify prospects and cross-sell opportunities in your database.

    Campaigns: Automate your sales outreach programs so your producers can work more opportunities in the same amount of time.

    Form Letter: Quickly reach out to clients for account reviews.

    Document Distribution:  Schedule letters for a group of customers based on specific scenarios to ensure mailings are organized and automated.

    Lead List Import:  Import a list of your leads, send them communications, and organize your marketing efforts.

    Mobile: Equip your producers for effective client meetings by providing instant access to client and policy records.

    Proposal Builder: Generating attractive and accurate commercial P&C proposals that you can deliver in a timely way helps secure new business.

  • Connectivity


    Connection to carriers is essential for agencies and their management systems. AMS360 supports powerful ways to interact with your carrier partners.


    Download: AMS360 supports personal and commercial lines downloads to allow you to update policy data and status information in the system.

    TransactNOW: Is an effective way to consolidate all carrier documents and messages in a single place. eDocs automation works with TransactNOW to route documents to the right person and the right place.

    Credential Manager: Manage carrier logins within your management system, eliminating the need to use an external password manager.

  • Integration


    AMS360 is the hub of your agency technology. It is designed to work seamlessly with other Vertafore and partner solutions.


    Orange Partners: The Vertafore Orange Partner Program provides a way for customers to take advantage of complementary partner solutions through integration with Vertafore products.

    API: Vertafore has more than 200 APIs in the AMS360 API library and that number will continue to grow. APIs can be accessed in the Developer Portal, which was designed with workflow at the forefront of the process to provide a world-class user experience.

    Single Sign-On: Vertafore Single Sign-On (VSSO) lets you access multiple products with a single set of login credentials.

    Best-in-Class: Rather than try to make a single all-in-one system that does everything you need badly, Vertafore takes a platform approach. As your needs grow, we have specific point products that work with AMS360 and give you the best capability of their type. These include content management, rating, knowledge, and analytics solutions.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Managing your agency's risk and reducing the chances of an E&O event is critical. AMS360 has capabilities that can help.

    Quick Navs: A consistent workflow is an important tool in your risk reduction efforts. Quick Navs assures that your staff follow a consistent routine and don't most miss important steps.

    Activity Management: Activities are the heart of your E&O protection because they provide permanent records of everything done on behalf of your clients. Setting up activities in AMS360 is straightforward and invaluable.

    eDocs: Automated eDocs processing assures that policy documents and messages from carriers are sent to the right person and at the right time, reducing the risk of errors.

    Document Management: Correctly file and find important client documents including emails, applications, and forms with Doc360.

    Certificate Management: AMS360's certificate management capability helps reduce your agency’s risk by preventing certificate issuance on expired policies.

    Import/Export: Reduce risk due to human error by importing large schedules for business policies and have AMS360 auto-reconcile all additions, deletions, and changes.

    Security Settings: With AMS360’s enhanced security features, you’ll be able to restrict access to specific areas of the system as needed. Also, AMS360's audit logs and multi-factor authentication are vital to comply with state regulations. AMS360 also provides control of permissions and access to PII through user groups and role-based security.

  • Business Operations & Accounting

    Business Operations & Accounting

    Real-time Accounting: Full insurance accounting with no end-of-day or end-of-month transactions. Your accounts are always up to date.

    XLS to AL3: AMS360 includes a utility to convert spreadsheets in XLS format into Acord AL3, a data exchange form used by P&C insurers.

    Commission Statement Download: Carriers can download commission statements directly to help expedite the direct bill commission reconciliation process.

    Copy Direct Bill Entry Statement: AMS360 simplifies the processing of direct bill entry statements (DBES) by pre-populating data that hasn't changed.

    Acquisition Tracking: Track different types of acquisitions to gather insights into the growth of your acquired books of business. Business Origin: Understand the source of the business and track revenue generated so you can structure producer commission based on business origination.

    Reporting: AMS360 reporting provides critical information about the current and future state of the business while reducing the time spent pulling data. My Agency Reports include templates that let you customize reporting for your operational needs.

    Help Tools: AMS360 provides user help resources including MyVertafore, built-in AMS360 Help, and access to release notes. The "Did You Know" video series on the Vertafore website also provides tips on specific features that are underutilized.

AMS360 Product Demo

See how AMS360 helps you focus on delivering superior customer service. 

Vertafore Client Communications

Communicating and engaging with your clients is critical to maintaining lasting relationships. AMS360 includes Vertafore Client Communications, powered by Rocket Referrals, bringing integrated email, campaign, and reputation management tools so your agency can get the right content—to the right person—at the right time.  

 Increased customer retention, increased referrals, and stronger connections with your clients. 

Vertafore MarketTrends

Drive more renewals and close more business with Vertafore MarketTrends, an easy-to-use analytics tool that taps into the industry's largest and most up-to-date dataset.  MarketTrends gives you visibility into current market data and provides insights to help you create more compelling proposals, identify cross-sell opportunities, and improve carrier relationships.

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