AMS360 Connect

Sync your CRM and AMS - informed producers have better client relations and time savings creates capacity to quote more business.

If your producers use Salesforce CRM, see how sharing information between CRM and AMS360 lets producers plan effective cross-sell and renewal strategies while servicers can focus on customers and not on duplicate data entry.

Bi-directional, automated data sync between the AMS360 and Salesforce drives growth, provides a better client experience, and improves data accuracy and insights. Producers have better renewal conversations and improved cross-selling while CSRs are more productive with less manual data entry.

Drive increased sales

Reduce time spent on finance and accounting with solutions designed to meet your needs

Better client experience

With more insight, be a better client advisor, complete quotes more quickly, and have more productive renewal conversations

Data accuracy and insights

Reduce double data entry leading to potential errors, and prepare customer and policy data for reporting and producer analytics 

AMS360 Connect Product Demo

See how AMS360 Connect offers bi-directional, automated data sync between AMS360 and Salesforce to help drive growth, provide a better client experience, and improve data accuracy and insights.

See how syncing your CRM and AMS can drive growth

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